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For my thesis, I need a pressure sensor for air with water vapor and scattered water droplet. The pressure ranges from 100 to 300kPa.abs and the temperature from -30 to 70℃.After searching your website, I find two potential pressure sensors, namely L...

PHONG.1 by Associate
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Resolved! How can i write and read on SD using FREERTOS e FATFS?

Hello,I am using STEVAL-STWINKT1B development board and I can write and read sd card using setting to SD 4 bits Wide Bus and FATFS.If I add on STM32CUBEMX as middleware FREERTOS I can't read the SD in fact I get back FR_NOT_READY when I execute the f...

JTLGE by Associate II
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lsm6dsl AWT interrupt

helloi use STEVAL-MKI178V2 (adapter board) + STEVAL-MKI109V3 (motherboard) with UNICO-GUI ver9.13.i try "Absolute wrist tilt" example as it described in "AN5040 - Rev 3".The questions are:- in "A_WRIST_TILT_Mask (59h)" register, each bit by itself wo...

ABran.4 by Associate II
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PDM MIC with SSC Clock

Is it possible to run any of the ST PDM mic sensors with a spread spectrum clock input? What implication does that have on audio quality? For example, is it possible to run any of the sensors with a clock input of 3.075MHz PDMCLK with 0.5% center spr...