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6D orientation detection on LIS3DH is triggered only at 1g and -1g. The threshold registers seems to have no effect on 6D orientation detection.

Facing an issue with respect to 6D orientation detections on LIS3DH. Both, 6D position and 6D movement gets triggered only at 1G. Threshold register doesn't seem to have any influence on the 6D orientation. For, 4D the detection happens exactly at t...

ADani by Associate III
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Temperature sensor in LIS2DH12

We read the temperature from the sensor in LIS2DH12. We tried two devices and both read 5..6degC lower than the actual temperature. The offset seems quite consistent in the range of our interest (between 0 and 50degC). The supply voltage is 3.3V.Obvi...

AKorn.3 by Associate
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Resolved! LSM6DS3TC-R I2C issue

Hi,I am using a XIAO BLE Sense Board that uses an nRF52840 MCU and an LSM6DS3TC-R connected via I2C. The original bootloader from Seeed works fine with their library for the gyro sensor and I am now trying to develop my own with the nRF5 SDK.At the m...

LIS2DS12TR sleep inactivity bit doesn't change correctly

Hi,Because of internal pullups on several st accs I changed it with this acc and, now I have a problem with sleep-state or sleep-state-ia bits in wake_up_src or state or state_dup regisers. This bits after the sleep duration doesn't give a response o...

Zek_De by Senior
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ISM330DLC - Gyroscope ODR and bandwidth relationship

Hi, I'm currently trying to determine the bandwidth which should be used for different output data rate setting for the gyroscopes on this IMU.The datasheet specifies the exact bandwidth for the accelerometer for different settings as ODR/2, ODR/4 ec...

JStep.3 by Associate
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