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PDM MIC with SSC Clock

Is it possible to run any of the ST PDM mic sensors with a spread spectrum clock input? What implication does that have on audio quality? For example, is it possible to run any of the sensors with a clock input of 3.075MHz PDMCLK with 0.5% center spr...

IIS3DWB, fixed ODR and downsampling

We have commercial product based on the LSM6DS3 and are now moving to the IIS3DWB (in combo with the STM32L412). One of the cases we often encounter with customers is the observation of "slow" phenomena (like large machines moving slowly). This was r...

CHuyg.1 by Associate II
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MKI210 and MKI 109 serial number

On loading the firmware to the MKI 109, the ST Cube Programmer yielded a unique serial number for each of the 109 devices. However, I can not get the ST Cube programmer to reopen the connection once the firmware is updated. This is a problem because ...