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iis2mdc magnetometer not writing timestamp

I am trying to get the raw data (with timestamp included) from a few IIO devices (hardware sensors, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and barometer) mounted on a linux platform and with the ST drivers. I was able to get the data for the ...

Ginkgo by Associate II
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Resolved! LIS2MDL appears to output inconsistent values

Hi all, We have integrated an LIS2MDL magnetometer into our custom PCB. We have recently been running some tests on the boards, and are collection raw data from the sensor via the I2C line. In our testing, we have found that different boards appear t...

jspear by Associate II
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STEVAL-STWINBX1 cloud logging

Hello,I have a requirement to log the data from evaluation board STEVAL-STWINBX1 to cloud. I have created Azure IOT hub and while initiating the cloud logging from the app i was unable to successfully connect to the created IOT Device created in azur...

lis2de12 landscape/portrait interrupt

I have this MEMS sensor on a custom board to detect landscape or portrait mode of my device.The problem is that it doesn't generate an interrupt.- 4D mode should be sufficient.- Range 2g- Tested different ODR settings. My current code is now:     voi...

WSpar.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Mems AR

Anybody know where I can get the data sheet for MEMS AR products and how can I purchase it?Thank you.

Clint100 by Associate
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LSM6DSV16X getting started

I have the Sparkfun version of the LSM6DSV16X. I used it with the Arduino IDE and everything works easily. I migrated that LSM6DSV16X board to using a Nordic nrf5340dk. There doesn't seem to be a working library for the LSM6DSV16X, but that is ok as ...

mej by Associate II
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Configure a IIS328DQ to replace a LIS3LV02DQ

I have used the LIS3LV02DQ before but it is no longer being made. A new circuit has the IIS328DQ but I can not get it to work as the did. I can successfully get the WHO_AM_I to return and set/read the control registers so I know the SPI is working fi...

GPres.1 by Associate
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