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LSM6DS032 programming finite state machine

Hi all, I'm trying to move Finite State Machine config from devkit using Unico GUI to final application. I've prepared movement wakeup example from FSM datasheet in Unico, which is working totally fine on devkit, it could even detect knocking in desk...

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mpopko by Associate II
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IIS2DH INT1 signal generation

Posted on June 12, 2017 at 11:07Hi,I have inserted the accelerometer in a custom board.Is is connected via I2C to a microcontroller, Vdd and Vdd_IO both connected to 3V3.In my application the micro controller awakes when the acceleration on all the ...

Resolved! LSM6DSO Int2 on Int1although it is disabled

Hi,we are using the LSM6DSO in Fifo mode and with the double tap feature. Our firmware configures the Sensor Frontend to give an interrupt at fifo_th on INT1 and for double_tap on INT2. Therefore, we explicitly disabled the INT2_on_INT1 bit inside th...

CWies.1 by Associate III
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STWIN Trigger USR button via Firmware

Hi, im using the FP-SNS-DATALOG1 firmware for measuring sensor data and another custom firmware for other ML tasks. Furthermore, i am implementing a bootloader to switch between both softwares. I want to measure automaticaly and in order to do so i n...

TomRett by Associate III
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Resolved! LPS28DFW vibration susceptibility

Hello,I am wondering if the presence of gel in the LPS28DFW makes it more susceptible to vibration than LPS22DF. These sensors will be in a vibration environment, and I'm concerned that the vibrating gel in the sensor will negatively affect the press...

VCu by Associate
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LIS3DH: FIFO configuration freezes acceleration readings

Hello all,I want to use FIFO to store my acceleration data.When FIFO is not configured, the data I read from OUT_X_L, OUT_X_H, OUT_Y_L, OUT_Y_H, OUT_Z_L, OUT_Z_H are okay. By "not configured" I mean FIFO_CTRL_REG = 0x00, which is the default value th...

STHS34PF80 - cover glass

Hi,we are working on integrating this sensor to our device. We would like to make it work as human detection in front of our device. I am testing this sensor using "STEVAL-MKI231KA" board without lens connected to our development board via I2C and I ...

rfi by Associate
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