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Resolved! sths34pf80 + lens

Hi!We are working on product that needs to count people on the range of 3-4 meters. We designed dev.board for sths34pf80 and tetsted it with UNICO-GUI. The max range that we are getting is around two meters and therefore it looks that we need to use ...

apallo by Associate
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lsm6dso Tap detection

I tried running the code present in the github link - Tap detection. But in the logs, I'm not able to see the axis/sign, even after ta...

Varsha by Associate III
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Resolved! lsm6dsox embedded features

Is it possible to execute features such as pedometer, activity/inactivity detection, tilt/tap, with same configuration of ODR, Full scale? How can I include all these features in a single program?Can someone explain this please

Varsha by Associate III
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lsm6dso double tap

 whenever double tap is detected, I'm getting interrupts for both single tap as well as double tap. currently both are routed to int2 pins. I tried routing single tap to INT1 and the double tap to INT2 pin, to ensure single tap doesn't operate under ...

Varsha by Associate III
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Resolved! ASM330LHH imu sensor

hello,i have few basic Question regarding accelerometer sensor.1. accelerometer data coming from imu sensor that is 2's compliment data, so should i receive this data in signed integer or unsigned integer? 2. i want to know whatever raw data is comin...

Resolved! About ODR_XL target during inactivity

Hello,I set ODR_XL target during inactivity(INACTIVITY_DUR XL_INACT_ODR_[1:0]), but when I read CTR1 ODR in inactivity mode, it doesn't change to the setting, why?

Yansu by Associate II
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Can't connect the SensorTile with Raspberry pi

Hi,I want connect my SensorTile box with my Raspberry pi. For this, I use, but every time when i try to connect the devices then one of the given errors occur:guest@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo python3

Milan127 by Associate II
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Resolved! STHS34PF80 T_OBJECT interpretation

Hello,First time posting in this forum!I'm evaluting the STHS34PF80 sensor and went through these materials: Datasheet & AN5867.However, I could not find any information regarding the interpretation of the object temperature (after calculating the si...

tuanh by Associate
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Thermal Dependence of LPS33HW

We are currently using the ST LPS33HW pressure sensor in an industrial IoT application. I am aware that this product is being phased out, and we have plans to replace it with a different offering from ST. However, right now, we have 100s of these in ...

iis2mdc magnetometer not writing timestamp

I am trying to get the raw data (with timestamp included) from a few IIO devices (hardware sensors, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and barometer) mounted on a linux platform and with the ST drivers. I was able to get the data for the ...

Ginkgo by Associate II
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