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I am trying to deploy dsh-predmnt to my personal aws account but serverless is throwing a lot of errors. I followed the PDF document "How to deploy DSH-PREDMNT in proprietary AWS account" . Is there a more detailed instruction on deploying to AWS??

PS C:\pm\predictive_maintenance_fe\serverless>node --versionv14.16.1PS C:\pm\predictive_maintenance_fe\serverless>npm --version7.11.1PS C:\pm\predictive_maintenance_fe\serverless>npm install   up to date, audited 190 packages in 2s   6 packages are l...

VChak.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! ST BLE Sensor App and Dashboard - Offline.

I've the STEVAL-STWINKT1B,I've flashed ,\STMicro\SW\en.fp-sns-datalog1\STM32CubeFunctionPack_DATALOG1_V1.1.0\Projects\STM32L4R9ZI-STWIN\Applications\HSDatalog\Binary/HSDatalog.binBut I do not able to read the sensor data.I do not access the environme...

LK N.1 by Associate II
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LIS25BA TDM interface restrictions

HiI am trying to add LIS25BA to be used under TDM along with another device. I have found that LIS25BA datasheet and LIS25BA application note are not match accurately. Could you please help me understand following moments:Datasheet (chapter 4.2):The ...

DRodi.1 by Associate
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Resolved! H3LIS100DL I2C ISSUE

I am Working on H3LIS10DL And i have Read The WHO_AM_I Id of the H3LIS100DL i got the WHO_AM_I id is 32h. But not getting Correct Data of X,Y,Z Axis Also i Have tried the ST Library for the H3LIS100DL but seems we are not getting the correct data on...

Ajeth.11 by Associate III
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Resolved! New project generates incorrect IOC file

Hi all,I created a new STM32 project using File->New->STM32 Project in STM32CudeIDE and selecting the STWINKT1 board. It produces an .ioc file that shows quite some warnings in the Pinout & Configuration tab of the Device Configuration Tool. It also...

I am using the IISDWB and am trying to configure it for FIFO mode. FIFO_STATUS2 is always returning 0x6A signaling that FIFO in going into overrun. Any ideas why this is constantly happening?

I read FIFO_STATUS 2 within main, then execute a for loop that will read all bytes stored in FIFO (as per the DIFF_FIFO_BITS : (DIFF_FIFO_BITS are always reading 0x200 as a result of this error with FIFO_STATUS2). And I make sure to read 7 bytes at ...

SSedi.1 by Associate II
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