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To read two sensor values with i2c

I'm trying to get the sensor value with stm32Maybe because I connected the board to one i2c and attached two sensors, the value didn't changeMost people use cereal, but I only use C, so I have to use HALThe sensor that allows you to read only one is ...

ark2 by Associate III
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How to write multiple sensor modules with stm32 spi

I don't know how to use several sensor modules with stm32 spiThey told me to use the code I received, but I think it's wrong because even if I connect the sensor and run the code, the same value comes outDo I have to fix all the codes below? Or do I ...

ark2 by Associate III
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No data from IMP34DT05

Hi,I am trying to use IMP34DT05 PDM Mic with an Audio Codec.The audio codec was previously interfaced with SPM0423HD4H-WB PDM Mic and worked as expected.When I try to use the IMP34DT05 Mic, however, I see no data transmitted on the data lines. The cl...

twinkle by Associate
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Resolved! Why does the LSM6DSL cease giving me accelerometer data? After a couple hours use Accel data just stops. I coded up ST's Accel Self-Test (AN5040, pg 97), my logic analyzer reads 0x00 from all axes. Wonder if moving 0-ohms for I2C might ESD the part?

Setup- Mikroe LSM6DSL Click on Microchip PIC24F Curiosity Board, Salaea Logic I2C protocol analyzer. Yes I use a wrist strap, ESD mat, and grounded Weller soldering iron. Why didn't ST use rounding in their Accel Self-Test? Should I?

JStag.1 by Associate
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6D orientation detection on LIS3DH is triggered only at 1g and -1g. The threshold registers seems to have no effect on 6D orientation detection.

Facing an issue with respect to 6D orientation detections on LIS3DH. Both, 6D position and 6D movement gets triggered only at 1G. Threshold register doesn't seem to have any influence on the 6D orientation. For, 4D the detection happens exactly at t...

ADani by Associate III
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Temperature sensor in LIS2DH12

We read the temperature from the sensor in LIS2DH12. We tried two devices and both read 5..6degC lower than the actual temperature. The offset seems quite consistent in the range of our interest (between 0 and 50degC). The supply voltage is 3.3V.Obvi...

AKorn.3 by Associate
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