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STWINKT 1B bug in fft analys demo.

In ultrasoun library has a bug. If change you in fft_app.h FFT_OUTPUT program is not compiled. Please change code like this  static void FFT_Thread(void const *argument) { (void) argument; #if (configUSE_APPLICATION_TASK_TAG == 1 && defined(TASK_F...

Getting correct register value when reading "WHO_AM_I" register on LPS25HB mems sensor but the wrong values read from the sensor. (STM32G474RE)

I have a board developed by one of my colleague, that uses a STM32G474RE microcontroller and in his SPI1 I had both an LPS25HB (Mems ST barometer) and too an acelerometer SCA3300. For the LPS25HB I'm using the following driver:


Resolved! FSM_ODR register settings on LIS2DUXS12

I am suspecting that the ODR setting in my application is not correct. I want to be using 25Hz so according to the datasheet I would set register address 39h to 48h. 25Hz equals 001 which would give 01001000 = 48h.But all examples and also the Unico ...

BD651 by Associate II
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IIS2DH - multiple interrupts

I've changed from LIS2DH to IIS2DH, without changing the drivers sources. According to the datasheet, there should be no problem doing this.In the application the accelerator is used to detect each motion of the device. If the device keeps un-motione...

afr_e2 by Associate II
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STEVAL MKI109V3 does not recognize other STEVAL adapters

HI,My MKI 109V3, even after firmware update, does not recognise adapters MKI197V1 or MKI212V1 (The WHO_AM_I register value does not match the device selected).I tried on two different laptops with windows 10.What am I doing wrong?thank you in advance...

AngeloB by Associate II
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Resolved! STEVAL-MKI168V1 with IIS2DH I2C issues

HiI currently try to integrate the STEVAL-MKI168V1 for a development board via I2C.I use a TI MCU and use the default drivers provided by ST. The sensor does not respond to the defined I2C addresses of 0x31 resp. 0x33 if SA0=1. After doing a I2C scan...