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Resolved! ILPS22QS addressing

Hi,In my project, I would like to connect multiple ILPS22QS pressure sensors (from 8 up to 256 units) to a single controller. I saw the dynamic addressing command supported by I3C ENTDAA. However, I also saw the provisional ID is not arbitrary. GETPI...

Jinhao by Associate II
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Accelerometer calibration

Hi ST team,I would like to know if I need to calibrate my sensor or if you can tell me a method to validate my X, Y and Z outputs.I'm getting the following values in a test but how can I know if my method is correct? I was reading and at the current ...

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TVela.1 by Associate III
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HSDatalog2 problem with STWINBX1

We are using the STEVAL-STWINBX1 at a CNC machine to gather vibration data. We are using the fp-sns-datalog2 HSDatalog Python framework to record the data over USB. Unfortunately, the data seems to always get corrupted in longer measurements (>5 min)...


Resolved! Getting true north with the LIS2MDL and LSM6DSO sensors.

I use LIS2MDL and LSM6DSO sensors (with MotionMC and MotionEC libraries) for getting true north direction. I tested this configuration on IKS01A3 board and it works. But on my custom board, I'm having trouble with getting true north direction. After ...

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ALT.1 by Associate
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Single and double tap on LSM6DSL

Posted on April 20, 2017 at 17:40Hi,I am using the LSM6DSL with a SMT32L476. My question is in relation to the single and double tap generated events (on INT2 pins).1�) When I single tap on the sensor I have an interruption on INT2. If I read TAP_SR...

Omnia . by Associate II
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