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Hello, I am currently in process of evaluating one sensor - LSM6DSV32X (and LSM6DSV32XTR) and I was not able to find any information about its current life cycle status and yteol (years till end of life). Is it something you could help me with? Kind ...

Algobuilder With Sensor Hub

Hello,I am trying to integrate the magnetic sensor data for the sensor_fusion_9x demo.  I am using the F401RE+1A3+LSM6DSO16IS and when I leave the jumpers as standard I get no mag and the demo runs.  I obviously get no mag data since the sensor hub i...

STEVAL-MKI185V1 adaptor

Hi, I have STEVAL-MKI185V1 adaptor. For reading the data, i use 3 commands(*setdbxxxvy, *start, *mrAA). and then i can read only '1' data. How do i read continuous data? what 'command' i use for reading continous data?

Jongyul by Associate
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Ocular Laser Interferometry

I'm looking to organize a POC centered around using VR/AR platform to measure disturbances on a human eyeball. This company URL seemed interesting.'d like to clarify ...

BLang.2 by Associate
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Issues with LIS2DW12 temperature sensor in Single data mode

Hello, guys!Could you help us understand the issue with single data conversion for an internal temperature sensor of LIS2DW12? While experimenting we followed datasheet (DS11811 - Rev 8), Application Note AN5038 and single data conversion app note DT...

stKAT by Associate
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STEVAL-MKI185V1 integration with LabView

Hi,I have STEVAL-MKI185V1 adaptor. ST Microelectronics is already giving the software. But I would like to integrate the output from the motherboard through LabView. Can someone please tell me whether it is possible to use LabView as acquisition soft...

Jongyul by Associate
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ASM330 SPI robustness

We are planning to use ASM330LHH at a distance of about 1m from the MCU to which it will interface for supplying the gyro data in an automotive application. SPI will run at around 1MHz. Can we interface directly through SPI, or should we integrate th...

VikasP by Associate
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Resolved! X-CUBE-GNSS1 software package and the X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2

puis-je utiliser le progiciel X-CUBE-GNSS1 et la carte d'extension X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 avec une carte Nucleo STM32 pour développer une application combinant à la fois les fonctionnalités GNSS et les capteurs MEMS ? Si oui, comment puis-je les connecter ...

khairi by Associate II
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