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Problems to communicate with steval-mki193v1

I have a steval-mki193a1. I tried to connect it with nordic nrf52-dk by I2C. However, the sensor cannot be successfully detected by the nordic nrf52-dk board. How can I make them communicate successfully so that I can get the sensor data on computer?...

MKI109V3 Port Fault

Hello,I am experiencing a port fault issue with my Steval-MKI109v3 board which is equipped with an LSM6DSV16x sensor. Despite following the tutorial, I cannot locate the St virtual port on my device. Additionally, I have updated my drivers based on t...

FKara.3 by Senior
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Cannot run STHS34PF80TR sensor at full speed over SPI bus.

Hello!We are using STHS34PF80 IR sensor and STM32L031F6 processor in our IR motion sensor device.In STHS34PF80 datasheet is said that SPI clock speed could be up to 10 MHz.But we can achieve clock speeds up to 250 kHz.Strange think is that we are abl...

LMehm by Associate II
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Resolved! Question about LSM6DSO PCB design

I'm currently trying to build a custom PCB using LSM6DSO. I just have few questions about the pins I don't use. I have no need for SPI communication, interrupts and VDD, not VDDIO cuz I need to power it through my RPi. I only need I2C communication a...

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el659 by Associate III
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Resolved! LSM6DSV SFLP

I am reading quaternions from the SFLP and converting to yaw, pitch and roll (YPR). The results are remarkably stable and accurate! I noticed though when performing some simple testing with the sensor on a breadboard and the breadboard flat on a tabl...

KWine by Senior
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IIS2MDC always on Idle Mode

Hi!I'm exploring the X-NUCLEO-IKS02A1 with the IIS2MDC magnetometer.My purpose is read the output data, but I haven't even been able to read the temperature. I'm using I2C through PB8 and PB9 pins, and I have communication cuz' the sensor responds to...

LIS2DE12 - Sleep to Wake Function

Hello,I'm looking to see if there is a maximum value for the sleep-to-wake interrupt register on the LIS2DE12. I do see +/- 2g, 4g, 8g, 16g as standard values, but is it okay to set a threshold value to +/-30g, 25g or 20g?Thanks!