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Resolved! I3G4250 Not Updating Data At The Right Rate

I am using a I3G4250 on a custom PCB over I2C. When you first take data from it on restart it works but then after less than a second, it stops getting new data. It receives data exactly 25 times before stopping and sometimes receives about the same ...

Shock Survivability

What does "shock survivability" of a module mean ? Does it imply that the module reading with not change when the module exceeds the threshold value or will exceeding the limit kill the module ? For an application of +-25g , which IMU and pressure se...


Hi,I readed the default value of the identification register in H3LIS331DL by SPI mode and it responded with 0x32h as per the data sheet,but while reading the STATUS REG default value it responded with 0xFFh instead of 0x00h. How it's possible one re...

Gokulraj by Associate II
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Cannot open UNICO-GUI pkg on MacOS Ventura

When trying to download either Unico-GUI 9.14.6 or 9.13.0 I keep getting the error below. Any idea how to solve that on MacOS Ventura? I have already tried opening the pkg with control+right click, etc. with no success.  

andfer by Associate
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LSM6DSM- Incorrect Accel Data on high ODR using FIFO

Good day, I'm currently reading data on the FIFO using Continuous-to-FIFO mode. I'm also using the lsm6dsm_STdC provided on Github. I'm doing the tests using the STEVAL-MKI189V1I've set up the FIFO to only read Accelerometer data for now. While testi...

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