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Cannot conect to STEVAL-STWINBX1

Hello, I have received the STEVAL-STWINBX1 evaluation kit and am trying different demos to see how it works. At first I was programming the board with different examples (STM32CubeFunctionPack_STBOX1_V1.5.0) but I was having problems afterwards. Once...

aag by Associate II
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MotionFX quaternion; device stationary; sporadic rotation

Hi,I am just starting to use the MotionFX libraries; currently 6DOF, Accel/Mag samples at 100Hz; both propogate and update are being called at that 100Hz rate.At a rate of 10Hz I spit out the quaternions to a quaternion viewer. All seems to be reason...

LIS3MDL noise and maximum accuracy

In my system that found the heading angle using the LIS3MDL sensor, the maximum error value was 3 degrees using the ellipsoid calibration method. Also, although I used the sensor in low noise mode, I saw that the data in Matlab graphics was very wavy...

Problems to communicate with steval-mki193v1

I have a steval-mki193a1. I tried to connect it with nordic nrf52-dk by I2C. However, the sensor cannot be successfully detected by the nordic nrf52-dk board. How can I make them communicate successfully so that I can get the sensor data on computer?...

MKI109V3 Port Fault

Hello,I am experiencing a port fault issue with my Steval-MKI109v3 board which is equipped with an LSM6DSV16x sensor. Despite following the tutorial, I cannot locate the St virtual port on my device. Additionally, I have updated my drivers based on t...

FKara.3 by Senior
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Cannot run STHS34PF80TR sensor at full speed over SPI bus.

Hello!We are using STHS34PF80 IR sensor and STM32L031F6 processor in our IR motion sensor device.In STHS34PF80 datasheet is said that SPI clock speed could be up to 10 MHz.But we can achieve clock speeds up to 250 kHz.Strange think is that we are abl...

LMehm by Associate II
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