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Resolved! Is it possibe to visualize the MotionFX function definitions?

Hi Community!I want to replicate a sample application that uses the MotionFX library and I saw that it is present a header file called motion_fx.h with several function declarations that I can use in my application but I cannot see their definitions,...

VNava.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Best way to program (pro mode) ?

Hi,I'm trying to program the (in Pro Mode), I've tested the available examples from Function Packages and they are working. The thing is when I create a new project for the with CubeIDE then CubeMX, the BSP generated and...

RJoac.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Problem programming the sensortile with Nucleo

I have recently got a brand new Sensortile and a nucleo L476RG. I checked if the tile was working by connecting the tile to the cradle expansion board (STLCX01V1) and using the bluetooth app from ST (STBLESensor). The system worked and I could view d...

SSaha.1 by Associate III
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STEVAL-MKI159V1 with Nucleo F446RE - I2C

Hi, it's my first experience with MCUs in general.In this first approach I try to read outputs from MKI159V1 (LSM9DS1) with the nucleo F446RE. I'm starting with I2C protocol. I read any kind of articles here in the community but I still can't work it...

Occio by Associate
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Resolved! On the STWIN SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node, the standard en.fp-sns-datalog1_v1.2.0 firmware behaves differently if using the binary, rather than compiling the code in the STM32Cube IDE.

When I compile the code in the IDE and run it (with the acquisition json file set to activate for 5s, then idle for 10s, and repeat) It activates correctly the first time. However, when coming out of idle the second time, it produces an SD card erro...


Hello ST Experts , I have a stm32f745 ,which creates a single file and writes a string array in SD card using FATFS, but now I want to create multiple files which appends the PDM2PCM middleware converted PCM buffer values. from the 3 MEMS acquired?

Certain things which are unclear are :1) When I increase the size of the PDM buffer and PCM buffer say to 2000 ,4096 to collect more samples for storing to convert them into a larger file into.wav or mp3 , I find no creation of the file in SD card .T...

SG.4 by Associate II
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Resolved! MotionDI_update doesn't seem to be working

Hello,I'm trying to use the MotionDI library for a dynamic inclinometer application. My IMU is the LSM9DS1. The returned data from MotionDI_update() is shown below:The values for rotation, quaternion, gravity, and linear acceleration never change, ev...

tkheang by Associate II
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Resolved! Hello ST Experts , I have a three VM3000 PDM mems interfaced to a STM32f745IETx controller , via I2S2, I2S1 lines and another in SAI2_SAIB block , how do I configure three such in programming while using PDM2PCM middleware , can anybody help me ?

The help will be greatly appreciated . I have to write this raw data extraction of PCM values in onto sdmmc sd card . And could anyone explain me how does the PDM2PCM functions for the mems than ST PDM microphones? I usually find examples of stm32 co...

SG.4 by Associate II
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