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Resolved! Where to download Unicleo-GUI?

Hello,I have found informations about Unicleo-GUI, and I would like to test it. There are many informations on ST page, but I could not find any link to download it.So where can I download it?Thank you

ANauz.1 by Senior
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Resolved! Cannot make accelerometer LIS2DU12 in Sensor.Tile Pro working ?

Hello, I cannot make the LIS2DU12 working in the Sensor.Tile module. I followed the instruction in the AN5648 but I get random values for X, Y, Z. At first, I'm trying to get the readings in normal continuous mode without FIFO. I can connect the devi...

jea74 by Associate III
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using STEVAL-MKI221V1 adaptor on STEVAL-MKI109V2

Hey, I wanna use MKI221V on MKI109V2, the sensor datasheet says that it's - "Compatible with STEVAL-MKI109V2 by changing resistor settings". Couldn't find any references to what resistor settings are needed and how to implement them, any help would b...

Lev_G by Associate
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Resolved! Is license needed to use MotionAC libraries

Hi,I am working on project using ZephyrOS and I am trying to link in and use some of your motion libraries.I have successfully linked but the call to MotionAC_GetLibVersion() is returning zero. Looking at assember in my debugger a variable is being t...

capacitive touch with brass metal

Hi,I want to design a capacitive touch application with a brass metal plate. So, i need a sensor that is suitable with brass metal. Is there any advised product for me?

er3481 by Senior
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SAI1_SD_A Pin Change Issue in Project BVLINKWB1 V2.0.0

Hi All,I am using a P-NUCLEO-WB55 development board in BVLINKWB1_V2.0.0 project. Project ST Link Here: this project, I would like to change the SAI1_SD_PIN from PA10 to PB15 in P-NUCLEO-...

0_PA10_Successfull_Test.png 2_Noisy_Changed_PB15_Pin.png Default_Alternate_Functions.png Desired_Alternate_Functions.png

Configuration wrong and calibration wrong for ISM330DLC

Hello I'm acquiring data from an ISM330DLC per I2C, and I'm having several issues:-I probably have the config wrong several levels. For instance I have the Reg CTRL1_XL configured to 0x75, CTRL2_XL to 0x7C, CTRL8_XL to C8, CTRL7_G to 40, CTRL6_C to 0...