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LSM6DS3 Gyroscope anti-aliasing filter configuration

Hi everyone,I am using an LSM6DS3 IMU sensor for my current project.In Application Note AN4650, I read that the gyroscope analog signal coming from the mechanical parts is filtered by a low-pass anti-aliasing filter (having a constant bandwidth). Do ...

Resolved! STEVAL-MKI218V1 + Nucleo F401RE I2C communication

Hi,I am on a steep learning curve here. There are huge gaps in my understanding of the field, so any help will be most appreciated. Basically I am trying to connect to AIS2ih accelerometer (on Steval-mki218v1) with my Nucleo board, and try to communi...

LSM6DS3TR-C not detected via adafruit library

I recently bought LSM6DS3TR-C sensor from local market. I tried to measure the accelerometer using Adafruit_LSM6DS and SparkFun_LSM6DS3_Arduino_Library library. In both case the sensor was not recognized. I found the sensor was working. It responded ...

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Can i use STEVAL-MKI208V1K standalone ?

I have STEVAL-MKI208V1K but not its own compatible motherboard. I want to use IIS3DWB sensor. When i connec SDA, SCL, GND and VDD(for vdd i have tried 3v3 and 5v), HAL_OK said HAL_ERROR. Is this STEVAL-MKI208V1K can be used standalone or no? Thanks f...

bcryhun by Associate II
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Hi,My thesis topic is to develop a dynamic preventive maintenance schedule for medical devices based on their usage. For this purpose, I have been collecting data using a magnetometer sensor (, we use IIS2MDC) 24/7 for the past 3 months. I need guida...

ABulu.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! FSM and Sensor Fusion

Hello,This article explains how to use sensor fusion and FSM in the UNICO-GUI. How can we utilize FSM and sensor fusion features in Arduino? Could you please clarify how we can effectively utilize unico-GUI in our diverse applications with Arduino? 

FKara.3 by Senior
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Resolved! ST sensor - LPS27HHTW pressure read out problem

I would like to read out the pressure reading from this sensor, but it keep returning '0' Status.Tools: Nucleo-767ZI, STM32CUBEIDE, STEVAL-220VI (the sensor eval)I connect Sensor VDD to 3.3V,CS pin to VDD_IO,SDA, SCL pulled up by 4kOhm to 3.3V,INT/DR...

Resolved! Marking code

Hi ST Team,Can you share the Marking code specification for the product: LPS22DFTR ?Thanks, Danny.

DNguy.8 by Associate II
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Steval-STWINKT1B Datalog

Hi,I am running Steval-Stwinkt1b with FP-SNS-DATALOG, i am recording the accelerometer and store the data into an SD card. My problem is, the accelerometer saturates at +- 2g, i tried to put a Deviceconfig.json into the SD card for modifying the span...

VCHAR.1 by ST Employee
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