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Resolved! Lis2dh App Scanrate and Speed of Lis2dh

Hello Ladies and Gents,I have following Problem with my App:The Scanrate from given Timer can be in min. 10ms. These ist f=1/0,010=100Hz. So If I configure the Lis2dh to normal or Highres Mode I have a f=1.344 KHz Anybody have an Idea how to increase...

Stv by Associate
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Issue receiving PDM data in STM32L431KBU6TR

I'm currently using MEMS MP34DT06JTR audio sensor with STM32L431KBU6TR Mcu. I'm facing issue in receiving PDM data through SAI/I2S. I have connected one microphone to SAI Block-1 and the L/R pin is grounded. I'm attaching the main.c file and the conf...

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LIS3MDL temperature reading issues

LIS3MDL issues.Issue #1 - There are two 8-bit registers for temperature, and the datasheet says it's two complement, but I don't see any further description of the contents. Is it fixed point 8.8 or is there some division or offset that needs to be d...

hwsw by Associate II
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Resolved! LSM6DSO Pedometer - Increased Step Count

Hello,I am using the LSM6DSOWTR sensor in a wearable device for step counting.As it's known, the LSM6DSO series features an advanced pedometer, step detector, and step counter.I'm observing many steps counted even when the user is not moving (false p...

KDeli.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Compensation in temperature for LIS2DW accelerometer

HelloWe use a LIS2DW12 accelerometer to mesure tilt over a temperature range from -25°C to +70°C.We set the full scale to 2g and chose High Performance mode with Low Noise enabled.We want an accuracy of 0.5°, but we're observing a drift of the order ...

LIS331DL SPI communication issue

Hi guys,   I met a SPI communication issue about LIS331DL. The type of kit board is MKI153. When I tied VDDIO and VDD to 3.3V, the data from chip register by SPI isn't correct. When I only connect VDD to 3.3v, The data  is correct.     The register i...

TommyMao by Associate
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Using LIS25BA with STM32L4 Nucleo Board

I am using STM32L452RE Nucleo Board and LIS25BA module.I2C works fine. I wish to get accelerometer data through TDM now. I am unable to do so. For now, I am using polling mode. The code I am using is given below and the SAI configuration I am using i...

Arka by Associate
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Resolved! PDM2PCM and I2S Data Frame relation

Dear @Eleon BORLINI​ ,I’m currently using the I2S peripheral to acquire from a digital microphone.The I2S is configured as:24bits on 32bit data frame22kHz sampling frequencyand the pdm library is correctly configured and I’m able to convert a single ...

frnt by Senior
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