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Resolved! Reading any register from IIS3DWB sensor only yields 11111111

Hello,I have run into an unexpected problem when trying to read registers from the IIS3DWB sensor. The setup is attached in the picture. I am using an Arduino Uno R3 and an STEVAL MKI208V1 board. The code is fairly simple so I am not sure what is goi...

xl by Associate
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MP34DT05-A randome noise

Hello ST community,I am unfortunately facing a problem with the MP34DT05-A MEMS microphone. I am using the DFSDM module to read in the microphone. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that extremely strong noise is added at a random time (see pi...

ChRegBrg by Associate II
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Can the AcousticBF beamforming algorithm from FP-AUD-SMARTMIC1 algorithm be used on the entry-level kit of BlueCoin board (STEVAL-BCNCS01V1) to achieve audio acquisition at a sampling rate of 48kHz?

STHS34PF80 how to use Unicleo-GUI with custom board

Hi ST-Team,We want to use the STHS34PF80 for presence detection. I am not very familiar with the sensor, as a just watchedthe webinar about the sensor last Tuesday.I think a good way to check the capabilities of the sensor is the STM32 Open Developme...

andywild2 by Associate III
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ISM330DLC gyro strange measured values

Dear ST Team,Greetings. I'm currently employing the ST ISM330DLC accelerometer and gyrometer in my application.I've noticed some unusual readings when the gyrometer is stationary, and I would like to inquire whether this is expected behavior.I've opt...


I3G4250DTR issues

We have been using I3G4250DTR for 5 years in our production parts. We have been noticing some recent issues with the I3G4250DTR in that some boards are not sending data (DRDY) at all, or the data is intermittent (less than the 100 Hz data rate). It i...

ClaudioI by Associate
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Resolved! LSM6DSL Interrupt Generation -- Interrupts constantly fire

I'm trying to get the Activity/Inactivity interrupt generation on the LSM6DSL working. I've implemented the example code in the data sheet below. I'm using an stm32L475.However, this interrupt fires constantly, regardless of either the sleep duration...

EBurnsy by Associate
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iNEMO IMU part number for SE marking

Hello, can anyone please tell me the part number for a device marking with "SE"?  I attached a photograph. Our BOM specifies ST IMU iNEMO parts LSM6DS3TR-C and LSM6DSLTR.   The part marked with "SE" is not working like other parts marked with "SH" on...

bricroft by Associate
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Resolved! Difference between ISM330 and ASM330

Hello All,I am trying to decide between these two components and looking at the datasheet they seem pretty identical. Are the sensing elements the same? what is the difference between these two families? Also, looking at the ASM330* there are many ve...