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Resolved! LIS3MDLTR Part Marking

Hello, I am looking for a part marking for LIS3MDLTR. The part says SF 233, but am unsure if this is the correct marking. I have read ST does not post their part markings externally.

LIS2MDL Magnetometer self-test

Hi there, The LIS2MDL Application Note (AN5069) states that the min and max values for each axis needed to run the self-test can be found in the datasheet. However, there is no information in the datasheet. The application note of the LIS3MDL, on the...

NUNM by Associate
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Resolved! Heading

Hi,Im using LSM6DSV16B & IIS2MDC for one of my project , how can i find heading using these sensor. Is there any library available for heading calculation?

Resolved! ILPS28QSW Qvar data

Good morning,I want to use the ILPS28QSW to measure pressure and detect water.I use the development board (STEVAL-MKI223V1K) to test the ILPS28QSW.Measuring the pressure works perfectly.I am currently working with Qvar, but i do not yet fully underst...

Resolved! Residual offset in vertical speed computed with motionFX

Hello, I'm experimenting with algobuilder, motionFX and IKS01A3 + SMK1229AAA.Btw, very cool app for investigation.My goal is to obtain vertical speed. As motionFX provide gravity vector with magnitude 1 (let's call it G) and linear acceleration vecto...

JulienD by Senior
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Soundmeter Pre Filter

Hi,I am testing the Soundmeter Example provided in STM32CubeMX for the NUCLEO-F401RE board in conjunction with the expansion board NUCLEO-IKS02A1.The example works, but the results I get in the Unicleo GUI are not the expected ones.I am testing the b...


Resolved! Regarding motion FX library

Hello Everyone,I am using ISM330DLC and able to read X,Y,Z and motion FX library in my application (Gyroscope) to get Eluer angle's and here is my doubt that before giving the senor raw data to the FX library, we supposed to do the gyroscope calibra...

Anil3 by Associate III
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