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Resolved! LPF2 on IIS3DWB and anti-alias

I use IIS3DWB with no LPF2 enabled, and I understand the Frequency response shown in Figure 13 at page 20 of the datasheet.I know that I can enable low-pass LPF2 filter, but from the same graph I don't understand if this filter can be enabled as a ha...

vix by Associate II
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BMA400 library/example for STM32

Hi everyone,Is there a library or example of the BMA400 connected to an STM32 by I2C. There are very complete libraries but only for Arduino.Thank you!

grf14 by Associate
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h3lis200dl power-down mode

Posted on March 19, 2018 at 11:51Hi,we are facing a problem to shut down h3lis200dl in our design. VDD is connected to VDD_IO and power is always connected to 3V battery (even when device is turned off). We are using SPI-communication and reading/se...

Olov H by Associate
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Resolved! LSM6DSOX INT1 & INT2 Trigger on Tap Detection

Hi,I have designed a circuit with the LSM6SDOX.It is operating via the I2C BUS and the Gyroscope and Accelerometer are sending data. I have also managed to configure Single and Double Tap detection, however it is the tap detection where I have an iss...


Resolved! LSM6DSO sensor hub questions

Hi, I would like to ask for some clarification about LSM6DSO's sensor hub features.1. I am considering mode 2 to connect two sensors to LSM6DSO and LSM6DSO will communicate with MCU in i2c interface. In this case, when connecting two sensors, say LI2...

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el659 by Associate III
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Resolved! Unicleo can't connect to (port not open)

Hello,I am trying to explore the STWIN Starter Kit (SensorTile Wireless Industrial Mode) functionality. My OS is Windows 11. I plan to collect data and train models, so I am trying to use Unicleo GUI to define the sensors to be used, the full scale, ...

anthonyADV_0-1705056151677.png error_unicleo.png

Resolved! LIS3MDLTR Part Marking

Hello, I am looking for a part marking for LIS3MDLTR. The part says SF 233, but am unsure if this is the correct marking. I have read ST does not post their part markings externally.

LIS2MDL Magnetometer self-test

Hi there, The LIS2MDL Application Note (AN5069) states that the min and max values for each axis needed to run the self-test can be found in the datasheet. However, there is no information in the datasheet. The application note of the LIS3MDL, on the...

NUNM by Associate
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