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How to initialise a LSM6DSRX sensor ?

Hello, I am trying to implement a simple program on my STM32 NUCLEO F302R8, that reads data from a LSM6DSRX iNemo module (STEVAL MKI195V1) throught a NUCLEO-IKS01A2 extension board, and stores it in flash memory.I am unable to find any kind of docume...

LARBE.1 by Associate II
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PDM2PCM example code

Hello,I am trying to understand the PDM2PCM conversion using I2S as the receiving protocol. Does anyone have an easy example for generating a single PCM sample from the PDM data bits? I am having some difficulty doing this using the VM3000 PDM MEMS...

kcire L. by Associate III
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LIS2DH12 acc calibration how to enable

Hi Everyone, excuse meI have developed android 9 system using imx6 motherboard.after finished HAL integrated due to calibration can I enable LIS2DH12 acc calibration functionI can see the STMems_Android_Sensor_HAL_Input-STMems_Android_Sens...

Victor3 by Associate
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Heart rate sensor output

Hi I’m using an arduino heart rate sensor on the nuclei f411re board and I am getting output values of 2000-3500 when not pressed and values between 0-10 when pressed I can’t find much information about it online and I was wondering what do these num...

MMori.6 by Associate
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LSM6DSOX Tap and Double Tap configuration

I would like to pick up both single and double taps in my application. I have the double tap working but cannot get it to pick up a single tap. In reading the TAP_SRC register , the TAP_IA bit shows a 1 for a double tap but never does for a single...

RAtki.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! problem with Lis2dw12 data ready interrupt.

Hi!I'm using lis2dw12 on a custom board and trying to acquire the acceleration based on the data ready signal that I routed to INT1.The code was based on this repository but I think I'm doing something wrong because I can't get any signal from the...

MRive.2 by Associate
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Resolved! I am using IIS2DH accelerometer sensor with stm32wb55 for Vibration Sensor application. I am having tech query listed below, 1) Range of X ,Y and Z axis raw data. 2) Range of X, Y and Z axis in mg 3)How to calibrate X , Y and Z (Raw data / mg ?)

4) Which FFT algorithm is best for my application (RFFT/CFFT)5) After FFT will i get three output for x , y , z or only 1.6) Output example of after FFT.

HPate.7 by Associate II
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