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Resolved! How can i get Euler Angle's

Hi i am using STEVAL-MKI182V2 evaluation board and i am having a doubt that in this PDF dt0060-exploiting-the-gyroscope-to-update-tilt-measurement-and-ecompass-stmicroelectronics.pdf at purpose and benefits para, it is mentioned that This design tip ...

Anil3 by Associate III
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Resolved! LIS2DTW12 Aliasing cut off

Hello,I'm using an LIS2DTW12 and I don't understand very well which is the cut off frequency.I'm quite confused because from this picture seems that the anti aliasing filter has cut off frequency fixed to 400 Hz : Then in this table the cut off frequ...

0693W00000NrRQ4QAN.png 0693W00000NrRQ9QAN.png
RStra by Associate III
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Resolved! can't able to understand the raw_data ISM330DLC

Hi Everyone,I am new to this field and working on ISM330DLC i am using the below program (link) to read the data and getting the raw_data of gyroscope values aways 0 when i kept on table it is getting values only if i made any movement. but i read t...

Nani by Associate II
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Gain problem with ST accelerometer

we are trying to test ISM330 for recoding acceleration signal in a BW of 10-1000Hz. We have done the test on a few different sensors with a calibrated shaker. The results show quite erratic and non-linear behavior even from the low frequency of 100Hz...

BSago.1 by Associate
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I3C interfacing of LSM6DSOX

I'm working on LSM6DSOX with our custom ARM Cortex M4 core with I3C master. I have few doubts as followDoes LSM6DSOX retain the Dynamic slave address after ENTDAA procedure? I'm unable to assign another dynamic address after initial assignment is don...

tDwaraka by Associate
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I am working on STM32WB55 to read LSMDSOX sensor data. And I have set up an interrupt to occur when FIFO reaches watermark. It all works fine when if my code includes just reading data in a loop.

But when I add calling a fall algorithm task after reading each sample and try to simulate a fall (the rapid moment) causing program not causing interrupt.Any help regarding why interrupt is not set would be of great help.//code int main(void){ /* US...

vtall.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Very noisy signal from IMP34DT05

Hello,I'm using the IMP34DT05 available with the STEVAL-MIC003V1 kit to record audio the nucleo-f401re. I'm using the PDM2PCM library to convert the PDM stream to PCM data. The audio is recorded at 8kHz.I have tried reproducing 1kHz tone on the micro...

frnt by Senior
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