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Is the LSM6DSL command set compatiple with LSM6DSM?

I have a custom PCB with a LSM6DSM accelerometer and it's being controlled with a nRF52 running Zephyr. The Zephyr RTOS sensor libraries only have LSM6DSL and LSM6DSO devicetrees. According to the initialzation functions it's communicating correctly,...

BKrug.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Conformal coating - LIS2DW12TR

Hi TeamWe are currently working on ST PN: LIS2DW12TR in our new project. Thus, I would like to check with ST whether this part is OK to be Conformal coated? The reason is, our PCB will need to be conformal coating after all the components are populat...

SensorTile Dev Kit Cradle CPU gets hot

I have recently purchased the SensorTile development kit.I installed/soldered a sensortile and I noticed the LED didnt come on.I then felt the CPU was getting very hot.I reinstalled another sensorTile and the very same thing happened.Note I was extre...

lbbaker by Associate
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Resolved! LSM6DSR to LSM6DSOX migration issue

We are migrating from LSM6DSR to LSM6DSOX. In LSM6DSR the nominal timestamp resolution used to be around 25 μs. And we used to get 52 samples/sec from the FIFO.However, in LSM6DSOX with a similar setting, we are getting a resolution of around 18 μs. ...

Sachin3 by Associate
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Resolved! Driver issue on Windows 11

Hello communityI'm having issues with the STEVAL - MKI109V3 board and the Unico GUI. There is no driver identified for the board. I've tried installing the driver for Windows 8, which gets identified but when I try to open Unico GUI, I get an error m...

BVilm.1 by Associate
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