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FIFO timestamp (LSM6DSM)

Hi,i was trying to set up the pedometer and timestamp functionality for the FIFO.I was fallowing the instructions on page 102 (chapter 9.1) of the documentation for the setup (high timestamp resolution).It is working on a FIFO ODR of 104Hz. But if i ...

LHeit.1 by Associate II
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Getting temperature from ISM330IS in AlgoBuilder

I have successfully built AlgoBuilder-based Firmware for my Target, including using some of the ISPU based examples from the x-cube-ispu GitHub:NUCLEO-L476RG + X-NUCLEO-IKS02A1 + ISM330ISWe are hoping to replace an old accelerometer and separate temp...

JLamb.3 by Associate II
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MotionEC Update Rate

I'm using an LSM303AGR to create a compass using the MotionEC library for calculating quaternions.Since the ODR of the magnetometer inside the LSM303AGR is 20Hz while the ODR of the accelerometer is 25Hz with which frequency and with which data is it...

Why i am not receiving a constant values?

Hello everyone!!!!I am using Motion_FX (9 axis) library in my application and receiving the values of Yaw, Pitch, Roll and Heading but these values, which i am receiving are not constant even if i kept the sensor in a fixed position values are varyin...

Anil3 by Associate III
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MotionFX yaw problem

Hi, I use LSM9DS1 in my project. I also use MotionMC and MotionFX libraries to calibrate the magnetometer and fuse data respectively and I have a following problem regarding the yaw output. The roll and pitch work flawlesly but the yaw output reading...

Pajaka by Associate III
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Resolved! LIS2DW12 VDD_IO current way too high!

Hey There, iam using a LIS2DW12 on a STEVAL-MKI179V1 eval board : Datasheet says that it has 50nA standbycurrent and 1...

MSimo.1 by Associate II
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Pulsed IR transmitter doubt

 Hello.I had to interface an IR sensor for object detection and distance measurement but I'm using a normal IR transmitter and receiver and there's a lot of interference due to sunlight. So I want to pulse the IR transmitter and subtract the readings...