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Hi, i connected the Arduino UNO R3 with the motion MEMS and environmental sensor evaluation board system: X-NUCLEO-IKS01A3 of ST. I installed the library (STM32duino,LSM6DSO), and tried to create a code for a self-balancing robot. But it doesn't prin...
Hi. I have seen several tutorials and read in the forum how to include a library. But it does not work. Can someone help me please. 
Hi, i get this error, can someone please help me, thanks. I use Cube MX(STM32-cube-ide).I tried to follow the steps but it didn't work. 
Hi, how can i take values of the iks01a3 sensor (in particular LSM6DSO) in CubeIDE (or Arduino IDE). The value of the angle, and so on.
Hi, can i control a motor with Algobuilder? or the software is only used to visualize the data? 
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