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Content of LPS22DF i3c IBI payload?

I have an LPS22DF sensor connected via I3C. I can enable I3C in-band-interrupts (IBIs), and see the IBIs occur on data-ready events.I see the IBIs have a 5-byte data payload, but I can't find any definition of the data in this payload. Is this descri...

RoHS Exemptions 7(a) & 7(c)-I Remove Plan

Refer to the RoHS pack 22 Final report, RoHS exemptions 7(a) and 7(c)-I are possible to be expired on July 1, 2024. Could you please advise if STMicroelectronics has any plan to remove exemptions for the below parts? LD1117DT33TRSM15T100CASTPS8H100G-...

YYao.1 by Associate
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Resolved! How does the LIS2DH accelerometer generate its clock, and what could be causing the sampling frequency discrepancy in its interrupts?

I'm working with the LIS2DH accelerometer and I'm trying to obtain acceleration data at a rate of 100 Hz. However, I've noticed that the accelerometer interrupts have a frequency of 99 Hz. Also this frequency changes if I use another accelerometer of...

ADelb.1 by Associate
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STEVAL-MKI208V1K conecting to nucleo F401

Hello I want to connect to the STEVAL-MKI208V1K via STEVAL-MKIGIBV2 (conected those both togheter) , with Nucleo-F401RE. I conected pins as it is shown belowF401RE-> MKIGIBV2MOSI (PB3 -> SDAMISO -> SDOSCK -> SCLPWM/D6 -> CS3v3 -> VDDGND- >GNDI want t...

KDług.1 by Associate
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Wrist tilt and "funny" data in FUNC_SRC2

Hi,I trying to get the wrist tilt working. I have used the example in AN5040 page 55.I using the simple example setup, nothing else is set. Write 20h to CTRL1_XLWrite 84h to CTRL10_CWrite 01h to DRDY_PULSE_CFGWhen reading the FUNC_SRC2 it always retu...

TStee.1 by Associate
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