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LIS2DE12 sensor configuration is unclear

Hello,I'm testing LIS2DE12 accelerometer, trying to communicate with it through I2C. I want to make an interrupt on INT1 when some larger value is present (sensor is being shaken for example). I configured Interrupt to work on Or mode and for startin...

DSimp.1 by Associate III
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LPS22HB gives inconsistent readings

Please refer this thread. I don't think that the sensor can get damaged in such short period of time. Is it possibly due to moisture? At times I get 1018hPa which is even higher than sea level pressure of 1013.5 hPaPls help.

DGand.2 by Associate
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STEVAL-MKI109V3 and STEVAL-MKI197V1 IMU data rate to 6667Hz

Motherboard: STEVAL-MKI109V3 (STM32F401VETX)IMU board: STEVAL-MKI197V (LSM6DSOX)​Hello, I have ran into trouble setting the LSM6DSOX data rates of the XL and GY to 6667Hz in a custom STM32 project. The data is still fetched at a lower rate of around ... by Associate
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