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PDM to PCM via DFSDM getting nothing but static

On the BL47E-IOT01A2 there are two mems microphones (MP34DT01) both connected to DFSDM1_DATIN2. I'm trying to extract the data from just one of those boards and convert it to PCM using a DFSDM filter. I've configured DFSDM Channel 2 to connect to PDM...

RBair.3 by Associate II
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LSM6DSL Drift Specifications

Hello, ST engineers. I am working with a general purpose IMU for a tilt sensor application. I am observing some drift on the sensor while the device is off. I have heard that all IMU's can drift a bit, but I was under the impression that it would hap...

RBurg.2 by Associate II
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LIS2DH registers saved before Power Off

Hello. I am using a LIS2DH board (STEVAL-MKI135V1). I use the STEVAL-MKI109V3 board and the UNICO-GUI app to configure the LIS2DH board. I configure it for Wake-Up system for X axis. So, I change the register for only enable the axis x and it works o...

javier by Associate
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Why I can´t connect the to cloud ?

Facing some problems with the ST BLE Sensor App. Whenever I try to connect the device to cloud (Azure) it shows connection error ( in both android and IOS Phones).The SensorTile.Box I´m using is STEVAL – STLCR01V1

IBen .2 by Associate
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