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Hi, what are the formula for RMS acceleration and RMS velocity respectively? As I found that there is a Lambda and Tau for RMS velocity and RMS acceleration respectively. Please advise. Thanks!
Hi , I am using ism330dhcx vibration sensor to measure vibration acceleration on motor. The sensor outputs LSB to MCU, then MCU used it to calculate the actual acceleration in mg (LSB * sensitivity). What is the simple flow chart to get the Acc X Pea...
Hi, in the ST BLE App, how to choose the right acquisition time in the FFT setting for ism330dhcx vibration sensor? Please advise. Thanks!
Hi, The ST BLE Sensor App can change the output data rate. However, I cannot find any detail how to change it on IIS3DWB by its register via SPI. Please advise. Thanks!
Hi, what is the frequency range of IIS3DWB vibration sensor for velocity? Thanks!