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6-point Calibration of Magnetometer

I am trying to calibrate a magnetometer using the 6-point tumble calibration described here: am getting confused when that method is applied...

CGrov.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! LIS3MDL Temperature Compensation for Sensitivity

In the application notes it is stated that:"The sensitivity of the magnetic sensor changes when the temperature changes. A temperature compensation digital block is introduced to compensate for the effect of temperature."Does this temperature compens...

DRoyo.1 by Associate
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steval-mksbox 1v1 BLE conenectivity range

I am using a steval-mksbox 1v1 and a rpi 3 to connect to it via ble usising the SDK. When I run one of the examples to connect, it detects the sensor during the scan, but when trys to connect "Unexpected error ocured". This happens when the distance ...

NMart.1 by Associate III
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BlueNRG-MS framing error

I am having issues interfacing with the B-L475E-IOT01A's on-board SPBTLE-RF bluetooth chip. I am able to send header packets inquiring about the the bluetooth chip's write and read buffers. I have confirmed that I am doing this correctly, because I g...

WWale.2 by Associate II
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Can someone provide a INTERRUPT BASED driver for LIS2DW12?

Hi community:There is this driver provided on ST webpage for LIS2DW12: to:

CPeng.1 by Associate
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VL53L1X Sensor VL53L0X_StaticInit() failing

While implementing the middleware for vl53l0x I am facing the following problem. Can you please let me know what mistake am I making “please see the commands in bold�?       tofDev->I2cDevAddr = VL53L0X_I2C_ADDR //0x52;       tofDev->comms_type = I2...

Kpodu.1 by Associate II
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How to compensate for asymmetric sensor array response?

I have an array of three VL53L0X sensors, mounted at -20, 0 and +20 degrees with respect to each other. The idea is to use the differential between the distances measured by the three sensors to determine the orientation of my autonomous wall-follow...

FPayn.1 by Associate II
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