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WHO_AM_I register value read as 0xFF

Hello ST Community,I have some hardware samples with LIS2DH12 accelerometer. For all the samples except one, the value of WHO_AM_I register is read as 0x33 (which is expected). However, for one of the samples, it is read as 0xFF. What could be the po...

AB.4 by Associate II
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Resolved! LIS2DE12 supply 1,8v / 3,3v

Hello,I have an issue with my LIS2DE12, when i'm starting up my board i'm doing the configuration of the device and then i need to put the boad from 1,8V to 3,3V to communicate with an other component. BUT when I come back to 1,8V the LIS2DE12 have t...

GLE B.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! LIS3DH offset correction

Hi,We've been using LIS3DSH for a few years now and are now searching for alternative sensor because of availability problems.In LIS3DSH there are offset compensation registers OFF_X(Y,Z) for fixing the read axle values with correction values stored ...

VL53L1-SATEL circuits question

Dear a ST engineer,​I had purchased VL53L1-SATEL and evaluated the function with NUCLEO-F401RE and "VL53L1 Gui". I connected VL53L1-SATEL board to NUCLEO-F401RE board directly through some wires.However the GUI didn't recognize the connection of VL53...

TYomo by Associate II
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