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LIS2DW12 - orientation bit raised

Hello, I understand from the data sheet that once there is a certain acceleration value in one of the axis that is greater then the threshold and the value at the other axis is lower then the threshold, the orientation bit of the first axis (with val...

Msaga.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STTS22H I2C addressing

Hello,I have started working on the STTS22H and noticed that, at least for my part, the datasheet I2C addressing directive seems to be inverted. Aside from the fact that the datasheet and the evaluation kit have different addressing directives, the e...

nilotnas by Associate II
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Resolved! - Programmer adapter board and cable

Hi!Just purchased a SensorTile.Box, and moving now to use it on Pro Mode.On the SensorTile.Box user manual, it is mentioned that the product includes an adapter board - however, the one that I purchased did not include one. Does anyone know how can I...

MCach.1 by Associate II
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VL6180 and 3143 Infrared Transmitting Acrylic

Sensor: VL6180Material: 3143 Infrared Transmitting Acrylic 3mm thick. Using API?: No. My own code using the data registers.Problem: Need an object in path only if using coverI currently have the VL6180 setup and working well in open air from a previo...

TMang.1 by Associate
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UNICLEO GUI BLE connection problems

hello, I have programmed my sensorTile with ALLMEMS1 and would like to connect it with UNICLEOGUI via Bluetooth. I have connected the sensor to the PC via Bluetooth and it is connected correctly, but unfortunately, UNICLEO does not recognise my senso...

CRoma.11 by Associate II
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Resolved! ISM330DHCX SDO_Aux wiring

Hello,I have a question about the configuration of the SDO_Aux pin. The datasheet of the ISM330DHCX suggests to leave the pin unconnected or connected to VDD_IO . Which is the most stable configuration?Thanks !

NBesn.1 by Associate
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Resolved! SensorTile Box- MKSBOX1V1

Hi, Am trying to connect SensorTile Box Using St-Link to flash the Program. But When I connect in DFU mode "USB" is getting detected, but through ST-Link V2, the serial numbers getting detected but am not able to connect. It says "STM32 Target not...

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Resolved! setting up test for wake up options on LIS2DW12

Hello, I want to set up checks for HP filter mode, relative reference mode and absolute reference mode in the device LIS2DW12(according to the document ST released.However I do not understand how should I see the difference between the modes.Can you ...

Msaga.1 by Associate II
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