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Resolved! Compatibility between LSM6DSL vs LSM6DS3

Hi Sir,We have used the LSM6DS3 part in our application boards. Now the distributor mentioned LSM6DS3 part ha end of life and New part is LSM6DSL.Please confirm this new LSM6DSL part is pin to pin and firmware side compatible with the LSM6DS3 part. ...

APK.1 by Associate II
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Where can I find STEVAL-STLCS01V1 's external layout?

Hello,I would like to include this board on a custom design but I was unable to find it's pads, connectors layout.There's nothing in the datasheet and only gerbers are available... :(Where can I find this information?ThanksJulien

JulienD by Senior
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lis2ds12 Bypass to FIFO/Stream example

My test:I want to set up the FIFO for bypass->stream, and then just move (shouldn't have to be a violent shake) the PCB that has the lis2ds12 on it and see the FIFO have data. I'm only able to detect violent shaking... could you please advise / sugge...

ATemp.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! LSM6DS33 -> Bulk read FIFO

Hello,I am using the FIFO to read the gyroscope and accelerometer data from the LSM6DS33 using a Raspberry Pi. It is connected over I2C at a frequency of 400kHz. Currently it takes between 4-7 seconds of constant reading to empty out the FIFO and by ...

MKama.2 by Associate
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Resolved! LSM9DS1 FIFO usage

Hello, I tried to use FIFO in way to count data ready . My idea to count sample and if it is a 32 sample in FIFO I read all at once. As far I understand, according by datasheet "Accelerometer and gyroscope multiple reads (burst)" Page 21Data stores ...

Zaren by Associate
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LIS2DW12TR not returning values

I am trying to run the ACCEL 10 CLICK based on the LIS2DW12TR on MicroPython on i2c protocol.A perfectly working code of the ADXL345 is this as a reference I t...

YBend.1 by Associate III
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