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Resolved! First value in LIS3DSH is incorrect.

Hi,i'm using the LIS3DSH to read data in different sampling rates (from 25 up to 1600), but in some cases i notice the first data in Z axe is not correct (some times it's too low or too high, for example, first data is -0.7g (or -1.5) and the rest ar...

Hjoma.1 by Associate
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Problems reading Y and Z axes on the LSM9DS1 magnetometer.

Hi,While trying to calibrate the magnetometer, upon successive failures, I noticed that the values that were read for the Y and Z axes are successively repeated until a different value is read (as can be seen below). It appears that there's some kind...

PMach.1 by Senior
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STlink-V2 not found

I have been working for days with the ST-link v2 and the Steval FCU001V1 in Ubuntu 18.04. I have generated the code for the most important utilities to read, for example, the sensors, set the LEDs and send data over the USB.I have compiled the code u...

FUs.1 by Associate III
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LSM6DSMTR Integration with motionFx library on linux

Hi,I am using LSM6DSMTR on a Linux ARM V8 processor, I have complied the basic code using standard mems driver. I want to use the motionFx library to get the quaternion data . The provided library only includes the complied library and header files.

Ashja .S by Associate II
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How to use reference mode of High Pass filter?

Hi, I am using the lis2dh12 accelerometer and I read the applications note and the datasheet, but after that, I'm still not understanding how to use the high pass filter. I want to use a high pass filter in reference mode. For reference mode as per ...

Resolved! Is there a datasheet available for ST M27C128B?

I recently purchased some secondhand ST M27C128B-12F1 online and am trying to program them correctly. The main information I am looking for is the Device ID, Vcc for writing and verifying (both), and Vpp. I was able to find a datasheet for the M27C12...

EIcs.1 by Associate II
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