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Resolved! High-pass path: BW_FILT setting

When BW_FILT[1:0] = 00, it's different between AN5201 AND DATASHEET. Which one is real?​in AN5201:In Datasheet(DocID031788):​​

0693W00000FBx7wQAD.png 0693W00000FBx8BQAT.png
user1 by Associate
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Resolved! Unable to initialize X-CUBE-MEMS1 libraries

I'm using a NUCLEO-L476RG with a STEVAL-MKI197V1, connected in SPI mode without any expansion board. My setup works: I successfully used the LSM6DSOX low-level driver to read sensor data. But my attempts to use the high level libraries, such as Motio...

paul19 by Associate III
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Resolved! IIS3DWB static and dynamic noise question

Hello ST team, I’m using the IIS3DWB (STEVAL-MKI208V1K) together with an Arduino Portenta H7. No filter added through the composite group of digital filters, only the default LPF1. Also, 2g scale resolution.When placing the sensor on a surface isolat...

FCook.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Sensor Fusion output parameters.

Could you recomend me a document that speaks about the format of the matrix parameters obtained trought sensor fusion? For example: linear_acel, quaternion... Best regards.

RBAGU.1 by Associate II
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Can we use Hall Sensor as main sensor and no auxiliary sensor to run the motor? Can we control the speed of the motor? how to decide the placement electrical angle? Default 300 in Workbench.

Hi, I am using Motor Control workbench to run the motor using Nucleo-F446RE and X-NUCLEO-IHM08M1. Initially I used Main Sensor "Observer+PLL" and auxiliary sensor "Hall Sensor" and I can able to control the motor. Now our requirement is to use only ...

VGani.1 by Associate III
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