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Resolved! Handling of LSM303 unused pins

Hello,have designed in an LSM303AGR to replace an obsolete NXP chip, it used in I2C mode at 3.3V, and there are twopins that is not used, i.e. pin 7 - INT_MAG/DRDY and pin 12 - INT_1_XL.Upon testing, when the complete system is in sleep mode, we have...

AGI by Associate II
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Digital MEMS Microphone Noise Floor

Hi,I'm using an MP23DB02MM digital mic on the CCA02M2 eval board and using the PDM2PCM library. When I have no sound into the microphone the noise floor I see in the data from the PDM2PCM output is around 1,000 counts peak to peak noise. I'm struggli...

JKing.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! ASM330LHH Frequency Measurement using the mother UNICO-GUI

Hi there,We are testing the ASM330LHH with the motherboard STEVAL-MKI193V1 and use Unico-GUI to collect data.  ODR was set to be 6667 Hz and easy configuration was used. The excitation was a 1kHz sin wave but the data saved using Unico-GUI showed a f...

Resolved! LIS2DH12 data rate

Hello,LIS2DH12 accelerometer. Datasheet AN5005 shows Table 4.Is this the speed of data transfer via the SPI or I2C interface? Or the speed of converting data into accelerations and writing this accelerations to the OUTX_H and OUTX_L registers?


Getting Problem sometime With LSM6DSO Acc and gyro

Hi Team , I'm using your ST acc and gyro LSM6DSOTR datasheet at sometime an acc stop sending its values can you guys please help me figure the issue  and whenever i restart then its sending values ...

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Resolved! LIS2DH12 accelerometer SPI Interface Clock Speed

Hello, What is the maximum data transfer rate over the SPI interface for the LIS2DH12 accelometer? The datasheet doesn't say anything about this. About the I2C interface it is said that it can operate in standard mode (up to 100 kHz) and fast mode (u...

Resolved! tolerance of IMU internal clock sampling frequency

Hi,I am using IMU sensor LSM6DSO set to 100 Hz sampling rate. I am trying to figure out what is the tolerance of the IMU sampling frequency set by it's internal clock. How confident can I be that when I set it to 100 Hz, it will not fluctuate to high...

zce by Associate
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how to understand the LIS3DH temperature reading

Posted on June 02, 2015 at 18:20I have an application using the LIS3DH.  I need to read the values from the on chip Temperature Sensor.  I have properly setup the ADC_PD and TEMP_EN bit in the TEMP_CFG_REF (1Fh).  I'm reading the OUT_3_L (0Ch) and O...

MEMS: We want your knowledge base suggestions!

Dear community members,We invite you to provide your suggestions for knowledge base articles in this thread. We strive to create articles that can assist or inspire you in the best possible way.Anything goes, the only condition is that it is related ...