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MotionVC Lib Implementation & Data Drifting

Hi all, I am trying to use the MotionVC library functions to return my vertical speed and calibrated speed, however I have encountered two unknowns: the internal timing or buffer processing of the MotionVC_Update() function and why the calibrated alt...

LIS3DH using I2C HAL - Not reading acceleration data

Hi everyone,Based on the drivers from ST GitHub, I developed my own one, but I can't understand why it's not working. I can communicate with the accelerometer and I can read the registers, but I don't know why i am having troubles to read the acceler...

LaraCS by Associate II
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ASM330LHHX stops transmitting after some time.

I am using Nucleo F767ZI with SPI interface to ASM330LHHX sensor. I am using example code from a couple of second...

MAnto.2 by Associate II
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L3gd20 sensor on stm32f411e-discovery

I am practicing reading L3GD20 data built into the stm32f411e-discovery kit. I use SPI1 to communicate with L3GD20. I watched on YouTube, they have instructions on how to use the void function HAL_GPIO_EXTI_Callback. I cannot call the void HAL_GPIO_E...

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LSM303AGR temperature measurement

Hi everybody,I'm using a LSM303AGR and I got some difficulties to read the temperature.My I2c functions, because I can read "who am I" registers, and I tried to write then to read some registers. I did the following steps :     LSM303_IO_Write_one_by...

fab04 by Associate II
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LPS25HBTR_Recommended Land pattern

Hi Team,In our design we planned to use this part LPS25HBTR (Pressure sensor). As per Datasheet Recommended land pattern is not available. Could you please share PCB land pattern for this part LPS25HBTR. Thanks & Regards,Karthikeyan