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Resolved! LSM6DSL Custom PCB

I designed a card that uses Stm32f446 and many sensors, but although the other sensor on the I2C line works, I cannot even get an I2C OK response from the LSM6SDL. I don't think there is a mistake in the design, but I am sharing it with you anyway, t...


STEVAL-STWINKT1B Altium Design Files

Hi everyone, Building a predictive maintenance device with a MEMS accelerometer. Using STEVAL-STWINKT1B as reference, but missing Altium design files. Anyone have them to share? Thanks!

dhruvit by Associate
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STHS34PF80 Abnormal operation

When STHS34PF80 detects the human body for a period of time, TPRESENCE cannot fall back normally, and pres_flag is always 1。 code:

top by Associate
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STHS34PF80 sensor latching to hot and cold bodies

Hi,I am working on a project to detect human presence. While testing I found that the TMOS sensor latches to a hot/cold body nearby and fails to detect humans. My measuring distance is only 6" - 10". Below is the debug of the issue I am facing with h...

lovelesh by Associate
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LSM6DSO32X and Changing the Full-Scale Range

I am a bit confused about changing the Gyroscope Full-Scale range during operation (dynamically).  Do I only need to change register CTRL2_G, or anything else too, to trigger a change to the Full-Scale range? What happens once I change the sensitivit...

Dude by Associate III
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Resolved! LSM6DSO32X and INT1

If I am trying to use INT1 to indicate a "data-ready" event, does that result in a Low to High transition on the INT1 pin? Or a High to Low transition on the INT1 pin?  Does the line stay high indefinitely, until the data is read? What happens when n...

Dude by Associate III
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LIS3DH Tilt and upside down detection

Hi all,I'm trying to use the LIS3DH to detect if the object is in a non-safe position, i.e. standing on a slope (tilted) or in the upside down position and generates an interrupt if it's one of these. Setup:Y-axis pointing downwards in the stable pos...

Resolved! LSM6DSO32X and clock sampling rate consistency

How consistent is the LSM6 sampling clock? I didn't see any details regarding clock variation at different temperatures, etc in the manual. However, I may have missed it. 

Dude by Associate III
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