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LIS3DH sensor data offset/value problems

We have designed the LIS3DH onto a custom PCBA, and we are seeing some oddities with the sensor readings post manufacturing. The PCBA goes into a two part injection molded enclosure made of ABS, and the two halves are ultrasonically welded together. ...

LSM6DSR use FIFO mode read data failed

I use LSM6DSR,  I set Accelerometer ODR selection can read data, but i choose fifo mode to read data, i don't read data, i set CTRL3_C is 0x01, CTRL1_XL is 0x50,  CTRL3_C is 0x40, CTRL5_C is 0x20, CTRL9_XL is 0xf8, INT1_CTRL is 0x01, INT2_CTRL is 0x0...

sunyu by Associate
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ISM330DLC Lifecycle

Hi all,I wanted to get information on the lifecycle of the ISM330DLC device? Is there a certain date when the sensor values will drift outside of the allowable tolerances? Thank you,Imran

IKalh.1 by Associate II
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Hello, I am trying to record audio with external digital PDM microphones using the MEMSMIC1 example but it is not so straightforward without the nucleo expansion board. Because the CCA02M1 has a direct connection to the pc it is able to be detected a...

issue with NRF24L01 on STM32F07VET6 blackboard

I've been trying to interface the STM32F407VET6 with the NRF24L01 modules, however after trying multiple boards modules and library's it still fails to work. im not sure the issue is with hardware as ive tried multiple modules and the black board has...

voxe by Associate
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BLE connection allmems 1 v4.2.0 - Sensortile

Hello, I'm using a STEVAL-STLKT01V1 demo board to perform voice streaming over BLE using allmems 1 v4.2.0 (since versione 4.3.0 dropped support for my demo board). My setup is:Steval demo board with allmems v4.2.0Python script using Bleak library to ...

Resolved! LSM6DSL + LIS2MDL noise in one acceleration axis

Hi,I am using the setup with LSM6DSL + LIS2MDL. All works fine, with the exception that once started the conversion to FIFO with sensor fusion, at 104 sps, I observe significant periodical (around 22 samples cycles) noise on the last acceleration axi...

Problem with MS5611 Barometer Pressure Reading

Posted on November 28, 2017 at 14:27Hi all! I am trying to read temperature and pressure values (then, convert pressure to altitude) from MS5611 barometer using I2C interface with STM32F4. So far, I managed to read both temperature and pressure valu...