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LSM303AGR temperature measurement

Hi everybody,I'm using a LSM303AGR and I got some difficulties to read the temperature.My I2c functions, because I can read "who am I" registers, and I tried to write then to read some registers. I did the following steps :     LSM303_IO_Write_one_by...

fab04 by Associate II
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LPS25HBTR_Recommended Land pattern

Hi Team,In our design we planned to use this part LPS25HBTR (Pressure sensor). As per Datasheet Recommended land pattern is not available. Could you please share PCB land pattern for this part LPS25HBTR. Thanks & Regards,Karthikeyan

LIS2MDL - impact to ODR When Set_FREQ = 1

Hi  Can someone clarify how long it takes for the sensor to temporarily stop reading, execute the SET pulse, and begin conversion when Set_FREQ is set to 1 in CFG_REG_B (61h) while in continuous conversion mode? I noticed that this setting randomly c...

Indi by Associate
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HelloDoes anyone know the signal Oversampling Rate/s?I'm working for a Medtech company developing a novel device and we are thinking of using the LIS2MDL for our analysis. The data from the sensor will be analysed using different signal processing te...

Indi by Associate
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Resolved! LSM6DSO(X) FSM Threshold Confusion

Hi all,This should be a question with a simple answer, but for some reason, I cannot find clarification. I am trying to use the Finite State Machine in the LSM6DSOX, and I have come across these examples below in this application note:I'm confused on...

Screenshot 2024-03-15 095604.png
jspear by Associate II
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Resolved! Audio functionality on LSM6DSV16B accelerometer

HeyLSM6DSV16B is sold as an accelerometer unit that can be used to record vibrations as an audio signal. The datasheet mentions that this audio signal can be placed on the TDM interface, but I doesn't really say how.Does anyone have experience with t...

EYako.1 by Associate III
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