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Hi, I have the problem that my actual sample rate does not match the sample rate I set. What causes this inconsistency and how can I solve it? Thank you a lot in advance.

I am using the IMU Accelerometer from the with a output data rate of 833Hz together with the RTC(Time) and write the output to the SD card. So I would expect to have 833 samples per second, but I actually get only 775 samples per secon...

CTett.1 by Associate II
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Details on filtering of Accelerometer

Trying to understand the internal mechanics of the accelerometer I'm using a bit better.Specifically, I'm using a H3LIS331DL.I have settings that will look like this:ODR = 1,000 HzBW = 500 HzFilter = 780 HzHowever, there's not much detail in the data...

DM.10 by Associate
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About I3G4250D Gyroscopes

 I have some basic questiones about the gyroscopes ic I3G4250Dhow to caculate the SO(sensitivity) and DVoff with current temperature Thow to caculate the rotate speed with current temperature Thow to caculate the temperature value by register OUT_TEM...

0693W00000D0LdVQAV.jpg 0693W00000D0LhcQAF.jpg
Ylin.11 by Associate II
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