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Connect to the cloud with STWINKT1B

Hello everyone,I have been trying to use the STWINKT1B board for predictive maintenance for months, but I have encountered numerous difficulties.As a first step I carefully followed the following guide:

SSeas by Associate II
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Resolved! IIS3DWB in fifo mode does not work

HelloI am using an IIS3DWB mems for continuous acquisition.So I configured it to use fifo and interrupt.But, during transfert, I see INT1 going high, and transfert aborts.See Capture.png.Please find IIS3DWB configuration in Config.c, is it good?Thank...

DLafo.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! How can i get Euler Angle's

Hi i am using STEVAL-MKI182V2 evaluation board and i am having a doubt that in this PDF dt0060-exploiting-the-gyroscope-to-update-tilt-measurement-and-ecompass-stmicroelectronics.pdf at purpose and benefits para, it is mentioned that This design tip ...

Anil3 by Associate III
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