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LSM6DSO Finite State Machine (FSM) Input Data

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I'm doing gesture recognition with the LSM6DSO(X) finite state machine. It still doesn't work as it should.

Can I use sqrt(x²+y²) as input data without using the z axis information? Similar to the norm sqrt(x²+y²+z²), but without z axis. I am not able to do this with a MASK.
Background: I try to detect every back and forth movement in the xy plane, no matter in which direction. To do this, I set a limit value for the amplitude of the acceleration in the x and y directions. But if the movement is between the x and y axes, it is more difficult to reach one of the x or y limits. 

My other question is whether it is possible to measure the distance traveled in FSM? Because I can also use the integrated gyroscope signal to measure the rotated angle with command SINMUX.

Best regards

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @Pointes ,

1) no, you can't

2) Do you mean walking distance? If yes, you can use the pedometer and multiply the number of steps by the stride length

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