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Shock Survivability


What does "shock survivability" of a module mean ? Does it imply that the module reading with not change when the module exceeds the threshold value or will exceeding the limit kill the module ? 

For an application of +-25g , which IMU and pressure sensor would you recommend ? 


Here is a quote from a Honeywell pressure sensor that is probably a typical interpretation of any rating:

Absolute maximum ratings are the extreme limits the device will withstand without damage.

Tough to recommend an IMU or pressure sensor without knowing all your design and performance requirements. Read the data sheets.

Hey I'm a part of a student rocketry team , and want an IMU for the flight computer of the rocket. The vehicle will be approaching a maximum acceleration of 25Gs. Can you please help me by recommending a suitable IMU of sampling frequency of around 1kHz or more ?

Some of few IMUs I have considered are : 
1.⁠ ⁠ICM-20649
2.⁠ ⁠ST LSM6DSO32


Take a look at the Adafruit 6DS032 breakout board. It comes with application routines you can edit for an STM processor on your breadboard. Your decision if the breakout board can be used in the launch vehicle, or if just the sensor should be integrated into the launch vehicle PCB.

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @itsamansoni ,

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Sorry for my late reply. The best IMU you can use for your application is LSM6DSV32X, it has also embedded advanced dedicated features such as a finite state machine (FSM) for configurable motion tracking and a machine learning core (MLC) for context awareness with exportable AI features for IoT applications.

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