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What could cause the LPS22HH boot phase to never finish?

I am evaluating the LPS22HH for a product, but the device acts a bit unreliably. After power-on, sometimes the BOOT_ON bit in INT_SOURCE (24h) is never cleared.I wait for at least 500ms before checking the BOOT_ON bit, so that should be plenty of tim...

jopuc by Associate II
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Question about LPS22HH: about POR

I read document AN5209. This said " VDD must be lower than 0.2 V for at least 10 ms during power-off sequence for correct POR. (3.1 Figure 2)"If POR did not finish correctly, is there the possibility to be read the un-correct data?

TOMY.OKA by Associate II
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Resolved! Lis3mdl Z axis sampling rate

I am trying understand the sampling rate of lis3mdl on the Z axis. The datasheet has only stated on setting the ODR of X and Y but not Z. Only the performance of Z can be set. During testing, I have noticed that the Z axis sampling rate is slower tha...

DGan.2 by Associate
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how to get LSM6DSOX simple I2C pass through working

I have a MMC5603NJ (i2c addr 0x30) connected to SDx and SCx on LSM6DSOX with INT2 pin grounded. I can see with logic analyzer I2C transactions on BOTH the Slave and Master interface, but every time I try to access a register in MMC5603 on Master bus...

MEnna.2 by Associate II
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I am attempting to use the LIS3DH in SPI mode The data coming back is always the same regardless of orientation of the device I have tired 2 devices and they are both behaving the same

I am bit-banging since my CPU doesn't have native SPI compatible with the LIS3DH.To initialize the chip, I write:0x57 to Control Register 1 (DATARATE_100HZ, XYZEN) {see pic CR1Write.jpg}0x80 to Control Register 4 (BLOCKDATAUPDATE, SCALE_2G) { see pic...

Jprab.1 by Associate
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How to match VL53L1 orientation with RoI X, Y parameters?

My application hopes to detect objects on a flat surface (e.g. table). I hope to place the VL53L1X in a vertical plane, close to the horizontal table top. Then I hope to be able to ignore reflections from the table itself by using the RoI feature. I ...

charles23 by Associate III
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