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Accroding to also have SFLP, do it change the factory calibration values? and which registers will be changed?
I'm using LSM6DSV, and use it wake-up funciton, I will configure registers when wakeup, that time I got some invalid data such as "1.998665088 1.998665088 1.998665088", how to avoid it?
Hello,I set ODR_XL target during inactivity(INACTIVITY_DUR XL_INACT_ODR_[1:0]), but when I read CTR1 ODR in inactivity mode, it doesn't change to the setting, why?
After soldering process, IMU sensor and magnetometer need to do calibration after power on, such as flip axis, 8 shaped pattern, or real-time calibration.For ST sensor such as LSM6DSV and LIS2MDL, I want to know how to confirm whether sensor has been...
I'm using lsm6dsv, and must calibrate IMU everytime after power on. Can I read calibration data once, and restore to IMU without calibration?
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