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Reading temperature from the LSM303AGR.

I am initializing the 303 with the following code: /* Turn on accelerometer */ WriteRegister(LSM303AGR_CTRL_REG1_A, LSM303AGR_ADDR_WRITE_A, 0x57); x = ReadRegister(LSM303AGR_CTRL_REG1_A, LSM303AGR_ADDR_READ_A);   /* Turn on temp sensor and set BDU bi...

BMart.2 by Associate II
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STM32F4 i2c vs LSM303DLHC i2c

Trying to match STM32F4 with LSM303DLHC and I cannot find for i2c addressing mode of type: Master: | ST | SAD + W | SAK | SUB | SAK | SR | SAD + R | SAK | ... any match in the STN32F4 7 or 10 bit addressing modes. I suppose using all those bits it is...

ACht.1 by Associate
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Resolved! LPS22HB SPI interface

HiHas nobody used the sensor using SPI interface? I have a power up issue, if CS is left floating till processor drive it to zero it seems device start as i2C and micro Dout is shorted to ground.

LMatt.4 by Associate
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