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Resolved! [STPM3x] Production date ?

Hi,I have a STPM33 on some of my PCB and I have issue with some of them when it gets too hot. The actual datasheet tells us that the operating temperature range is -40C to +105C but I've found an old one of October 2013, another of October 2014, anot...

carton by Associate II
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Resolved! MEMS SMD device marking "SO"

Hi, can anybody tell me what partnumber this is. The chip is a LGA-14 package with the "SO" marking. It is probably an accelerometer.I aslo tried to read the 2d matrix code and it says: 781120R903QE

WVleu.1 by Associate II
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Selecting a motion sensor

Hi,I am looking for a motion sensor with I2C that can work in the following way:Wake up from low powerStart monitoring acceleration and rotationStop monitoring (about 500ms later)Query most significant motion while monitoringGo back to sleepBasically...

Resolved! LPS22 Device ID

HiI try to read the WHO_AM_I register using SPI but I get 0xB3 instead of 0xB1. Is this correct?Regards

LMatt.5 by Associate
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LSM6DSMTR Taking more power on VDDIO Pin

I am using LSM6DSMTR  with a coin cell battery. I have connected the IMU with NRF52810 using a SPI line. Attached the screenshot.When I am observing the power profiler, VDDIO is gradually taking current after the SPI communication (I have used a 100...

0693W00000Y9CiiQAF.png 0693W00000Y9CkKQAV.png
V.Jose by Associate II
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Resolved! LSM6DSLTR device marking

Hi!Our incoming inspection unit failed to find any information on LSM6DSLTR device marking. We got parts with 2 lines on it.SF2D code106 Could you please confirm it is a LSM6DSLTR device? Is there date code on it?

AAGree by Associate II
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Reading temperature from the LSM303AGR.

I am initializing the 303 with the following code: /* Turn on accelerometer */ WriteRegister(LSM303AGR_CTRL_REG1_A, LSM303AGR_ADDR_WRITE_A, 0x57); x = ReadRegister(LSM303AGR_CTRL_REG1_A, LSM303AGR_ADDR_READ_A);   /* Turn on temp sensor and set BDU bi...

BMart.2 by Associate II
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STM32F4 i2c vs LSM303DLHC i2c

Trying to match STM32F4 with LSM303DLHC and I cannot find for i2c addressing mode of type: Master: | ST | SAD + W | SAK | SUB | SAK | SR | SAD + R | SAK | ... any match in the STN32F4 7 or 10 bit addressing modes. I suppose using all those bits it is...

ACht.1 by Associate
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