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Resolved! Zigbee: ip802154_lld_exitSleep() FAILED

Hello, testing Zigbee_OnOff_Client_SED on P-NUCLEO-WB55. Sources are from version 1.18.0, same as installed stm32wb5x_Zigbee_FFD_fw.bin. Almost no changes to source files except modification channelmask to WPAN_CHANNELMASK_2400MHZ.After a while (rand...

SToma by Associate III
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BLE_p2pClient example does not work

Hi, I am using two NUCLEO WB15CC boards to make the BLE p2pcentral and BLE p2pServer work as said in the ReadMe of the these examples. But I always run into the same error on the client side. I am using the latest firmware on both sides. From the deb...

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ElijahM by Associate
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Resolved! Error with SigFox credentials again.

Hello, This has happened before (here) and was fixed, but it seems that it is happening again.When the downloaded .zip file is opened with a text editor, the contents is:"Service unavailable, please try again later"Please can someone take a look at t...

tomzo by Associate II
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STM32WL55 FreeRTOS and SubGHz_Phy

Hello everyone,We are a group of students working on the development of flight control and communication software as part of a space program. Our project is based on the STM32Wl55 MCU with LoRa and FreeRTOS. Currently, we are transitioning our softwa...

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wM-BUS Demo Suite + L152RE - S2868A2 problems

Hello,I bought a  L152RE coupled to a S2868A2 in order to try to sniff data coming from a water meter I own.I tried to use S2LP-CONC-PC-GUI contained in x-cube-subg1 with the wM-BUS Demo Suite.I can successfully flash the code in my board then I pres...

wM-Bus_Demo_Suite_uQgHc1ceNI.png wM-Bus_Demo_Suite_KoYxy6Bon4.png stm32cubeide_X2YRTBgp6T.png
Rihen by Associate
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Resolved! Linker script not placing MB_MEM2 in SRAM2

I'm using a NUCLEO-WB55RG board and if I create a new project in STM32CubeIDE 1.12.0 and enable the STM32_WPAN and HeartRate example it doesn't work because the different buffers that need to be in SRAM2 is not placed there.The app_entry.c defines th...

EBotö.1 by Associate II
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